Book chapter by Haluk Ucel

haluk_ucel-300x157Haluk Ucel, Ph.D. (BİLGİ Media School) contributed to the book, Gender in the Media Transnational Perspectives, with the chapter titled “Gender Representations in Television Soap Operas in Turkey”, edited by M. Fernandez-Morales M. and S. Tomascikova. The book is published by Kosice:  Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice:

“Turkish television is a rather late starter in establishing its state television in the 1970s, broadcasting daily with limited hours, having a single black and white channel and surviving only with some American series such as Little House on the Prairie or Colombo and Brazilian telenovelas and later, a rather stormy controversial introduction of commercial television in the early 1990s with pirate broadcasting from abroad.  Today, it marks its existence with a remarkable profile in domestic and international markets. 

           In this chapter, the construction of masculine and feminine identities in Turkish soap operas will be investigated.  Gender representations through secular and Islamic discourses will be explored.  Identity, gender stereotypes, meaning making and active audience will be observed.  Discourse and content analysis will be carried out.  The main focus will be on the most effective television serial Magnificent Century (Muhteşem Yüzyıl in Turkish) (Taylan and Taylan 2010). 

           The emergence of television in post-war Western societies as a dominant entertainment industry later became a threat to cinema.  Today, the existence of new media is the major threat to television.  While the current debate about the disappearance of conventional television gets hotter, Turkish television success in the international arena sets a counter debate about the power of conventional television.”

Co-edited book by Haluk Ucel

Haluk Ucel, Ph.D. (BİLGİ Media School) is the co-editor of the book “Gender Issues in the Media”, published by Kosice: Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice:

“This book is an introduction to gender representations and identities in media.  Media does not solely construct gender identities.  However, media has tremendous power in constructing identities through gender representations with its fast growing technological  existence.  Media targets gendered masses for its products either cultural or commercial.”

Haluk Ucel presented @ the 12th ESSE Conference in Kosice, Slovakia

Photo0734Haluk Ucel, M.A. (Department of Television Reporting and Programming) presented his study titled “Televisual Reconstructions of the Past and Identities in Turkey” at the 12th ESSE Conference in Kosice, Slovakia:

“This paper investigates televisual representations of the past and the construction of identities in Turkey. The paper mainly focuses on discourse analysis of the domestically and internationally acclaimed Turkish TV soap opera Magnificent Century, which is inspired by 16th century Ottoman history. The paper also observes consumerism through TV commercials which stem from the TV serial, representing the past and the audience identification with the text together with the main characters, building happiness and the reconstruction of identities. Magnificent Century and the related TV commercials reconstruct national identity through imagery and imaginary reconstructions of the past.”

Haluk Üçel Presented at the 9th International Conference Crossroads in Cultural Studies

Haluk Üçel (Radio and Television Programming) presented his paper titled ‘Nostalgia in search of imagined Identities in Turkey’ at the 9th International Conference Crossroads in Cultural Studies. The conference was organized by Sorbonne Nouvelle University and UNESCO between 2-6 July in Paris, France.

Üçel previously (in June) presented at the Erich-Brost-Institut für Internationalen Journalismus Technische Universität Dortmund, his paper ‘Journalism and Media in Turkey’.