Doç. Dr. Gresi Sanje’den kitap bölümü

3875658Doç. Dr. Gresi Sanje ‘nin (BİLGİ Reklamcılık Programı) kaleme aldığı “Afetlerle Kalkınmada Doğal Kaynak: Gönüllülük” adlı çalışma, editörüğünü Murat Tiryakioğlu‘nun üstlendiği “Afetlerle Kalkınma: Tecrübeler, Politikalar ve Beklentiler” adlı Efil Yayınevi tarafından basılan kitapta yayımlandı.




Article co-authored by Kaan Varnali

kaan-varnalı-e1357906647643.jpgAn asymmetric configural model approach for understanding complainer emotions and loyalty“, co-authored by Kaan Varnali, Ph.D. (Associate Professor of Marketing at ifbilgi; Program Director of markaokuluis published by the SSCI-indexed Journal of Business Research:

“Few works emphasize the emotional nature of customer complaint behavior, and those that do so focus largely on negativity. The idea that specific emotions might lead to idiosyncratic reactions and that in some cases positive emotions may also be aroused during the complaint experience has been largely neglected. The study explores this issue by identifying specific emotions experienced by complainers and then relating them to resulting complainer loyalty levels, separately under conditions where the outcomes of the complaint process is evaluated favorably versus unfavorably. Complaint texts posted on a well-known website are content analyzed and six types of emotions (hopeful, puzzled, recessive, befooled, offended, and hypersensitive), three types of texting styles (general, specific, and threatening), and five types of complainer concerns (financial, technical, psychological, social, and physical) are identified via content analyses. Configural analyses reveal 33 combination paths of these antecedent conditions for complainer loyalty and 65 different combinations for disloyalty. Results suggest that the specific emotions approach potentially explains more about complaining customer behavior compared to the more general valence-based approach, and that post-complaint loyalty depends considerably on complainer emotions, concerns, and texting styles experienced and expressed during the complaint process.”

Book chapter by Özlem Hesapçı and Yonca Aslanbay

360hThe networked self: Collectivism redefined in civic engagements through social media causes” authored by Özlem Hesapçı, Ph.D. (Boğaziçi University) and Yonca Aslanbay, Ph.D. (İstanbul Bilgi University) is published within Handbook of Research on Waste Management Techniques for Sustainability, published by IGI Global:

“The number of digital networks established for a common social ‘cause’ having passion of civic activism increase globally day by day. The purpose of this study is to provide explanations for civic engagement through social media causes. In the current study, a structured questionnaire is administered to 308 social media users in Turkey. The findings refine existing research bringing a new perspective to collectivism by explaining civic engagement in specific areas through social media causes in terms of individualistic values, self-identity (social vs. personal) and social media use. Overall findings ascertain social media’s role on raising social capital while enhancing not only the individual selves but also collective performances through diverse civic cause engagements. The study has significant outcomes for both non-profit and profit organizations in building strategies of communication with their stakeholders through digital means.”

2. Uluslararası Medya Çalışmaları kongresine Davet

Akdeniz Üniversitesi İletişim Fakültesi, Kocaeli Üniversitesi İletişim Fakültesi ve Berlin Beuth Üniversitesi işbirliği ile 20-23 Nisan 2016 tarihleri arasında Akdeniz Üniversitesi’nde düzenlenecek olan 2. Uluslararası Medya Çalışmaları Kongresi’nin teması “Yeni Medya ve Görsel Kültür” olarak belirlenmiştir.

Hem ulusal hem de uluslararası alanda birbirlerinden farklı deneyim ve birikimlere sahip akademisyen ve uygulamacıların katılımı ile gerçekleştirilecek olan kongrede “Yeni Medya ve Görsel Kültür” alanı farklı gelenekler ve değişik bakış açılarıyla derinlemesine ele alınıp incelenecektir. Kongreyle birlikte iletişim biliminin en güncel ve önemli konularından olan yeni medya ve görsel kültür farklı başlıklar altında tartışılacaktır. Kongrede alana dönük kuramsal birikime katkı sağlamanın yanı sıra yeni işbirliği imkânlarının geliştirilmesi hedeflenmektedir.

Kongre hakkında detaylı bilgiye linkinden ulaşabilirsiniz.

Article by Özlem Hesapçı, Ezgi Merdin and Vehbi Gorgulu

article-journal-consumer-behavior-lYour ethnic model speaks to the culturally connected: Differential effects of model ethnicity in advertisements and the role of cultural self-construal“, authored by Özlem Hesapçı, Ph.D. (Boğaziçi University), Ezgi Merdin, Ph.D. (Koç University) and Vehbi Gorgulu (Research Assistant at BİLGİ Department of Communication Design and Management) is published by the SSCI-indexed journal, Journal of Consumer Behaviour.

A. Bengi Ozcivan became a finalist at EdCom Masters Thesis Competition

bengi fotoA. Bengi Ozcivan (Research Assistant at BİLGİ Department of Communication Design and Management) became a finalist at EdCom (European Institute for Commercial Communications Education) Masters Thesis Competition, with her thesis supervised by Assoc. Prof. Kaan Varnalı.

“This research explores the effects of promotion focus and perceived security risk levels of consumers, and dimensions of Uses and Gratifications Theory (UGT) on attitudinal and behavioral outcomes of online customized advertising such as attitude toward the ad, brand attitude, and behavioral ad responses. The data collected from 409 respondents through a scenario-based online survey is analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The results show that attitudinal and behavioral outcomes are directly affected by several UGT constructs, which are predicted by promotion focus level and security risk. In particular, consumers who have higher promotion focus level show higher perceived level of informativeness and entertainment towards online customized ads, whereas consumers who have higher perceived security risk have lower perceived level of informativeness and entertainment, and higher level of irritation. Furthermore, attitude toward the ad is found to be affected positively by informativeness and entertainment, and negatively by irritation. Brand attitude is positively related to entertainment and attitude toward the ad, whereas behavioral ad responses is positively related to informativeness, entertainment and attitude toward the ad. The findings suggest that individual level characteristics and UGT constructs should be considered by marketers who use online customized advertising. The study contributes to the theoretical foundation of online customized advertising by introducing promotion focus as an important individual level predictor of success in online customized advertising.”

Article by Vehbi Gorgulu

cover_132_133_cropped_1.jpg439x571.238992379Negotiating the ‘Impossible’: Religion and Politics in the Tactical Works of Extramucadele“, authored by Vehbi Gorgulu (Research Assistant at BİLGİ Department of Communication Design and Management) is published in AHCI-indexed journal Third Text:

“This article evaluates how a tactical media practitioner challenges the status of iconised signs and symbols, by analysing works of Istanbul-based artist Extramücadele. The artist challenges the idolised and clashing national and religious symbols of Turkey’s society and presents his works in forms of tactical media. By focusing on tactical media practices in the contemporary art scene of Turkey, this study aims to provide insights on how media activists point to the power of tactics as means of challenging established meanings associated with enduring signs and symbols.”