PH.D. Profiles

burcu.jpgBurcu Gümüş   is an Econometrics graduate from Uludag University, MBA degree from Istanbul Bilgi University and is currently a PhD candidate of Communication Science in İstanbul Bilgi University. She is currently working as a program manager of markaokulu at Istanbul Bilgi University.

Research interests: consumer behavior, technology, ubiquitous computing.


didem yalinay1Didem Yalınay was the Channel Director for Discovery Channel. She launched her own consultancy company and delivered consultancy services to Reysaş Holding for their cultural entrepreneurship program. A graduate of Ankara University Radio TV and Cinema Department, Yalınay is currently a PhD Candidate at BİLGİ Communication PhD and gives lectures on critical thinking at Gazi University’s Medical Faculty.

Research interests: cultural studies, globalism, arts.


sarper_bioSarper Durmuş worked as an editor for various culture and arts magazines following the completion of his bachelor’s degree in Communications at Galatasaray University. He is now a PhD candidate at Istanbul Bilgi University, dwelling on media, society and technology.

Research interests: technology studies, media ecology, nationalism, public sphere theory.


zeynep_kuntZeynep Kunt is a Social Anthropology and Sociology graduate from University of Kent (UK) and a Media Studies graduate from New School University (USA).  She is currently a PhD candidate of Communication Science in İstanbul Bilgi University.  After working as a teaching assistant and a TV producer in both USA and Turkey, she has worked as a communication consultant.

Research interests:  ethnography, game studies, performance studies, cyber anthropology, transmedia storytelling, documentary


tuge1Tüge T. Gülşen is an instructor at Istanbul Bilgi University teaching English for Academic Purposes courses. She completed her BA in Foreign Languages Education (Middle East Technical University), MA in Learning and Teaching of English and Literacy (UCL Institute of Education, University of London), MA in Cultural Studies (Istanbul Bilgi University). She is currently a PhD candidate in Communication in Istanbul Bilgi University.

Research interests: digital communication, new media, interpersonal and group communication, digital literacy



Arın Kusaksızoglu is a philosophy graduate (B.A.) from Middle East Technical University, a cultural studies graduate (M.A.) from Istanbul Bilgi University and is currently a PhD candidate of Communication Science in İstanbul Bilgi University. After working in press and music industry, he is currently working as a voice artist and singer for the rock band ‘Kül’.

Research interests: Psychoanalysis, social anthropology, musicology, memory.



Dilek Gürsoy has always been passionate about the field of visual communication, that is why she decided to start her academic journey with a graphic design education in Parsons The New School for Design in New York. During her undergraduate study, she discovered her interest path to be the coherence between the field of biomimicry and information design, which unexpectedly turned out to be an ongoing interest even in her graduate thesis/project, “Biomimicry: The Inspirational Nexus”. Currently, her academic journey has taken her to inquiries related to the improvement of education, where she studies fresh approaches of teaching through emergence of recent possibilities offered by the new media and renascent theories of collective thought.

Research Interests: new media, collective intelligence, education, transmedia storytelling


photo Yuan ZhangYuan Zhang is a lecturer in Translation Studies Department of Okan University. He received dual diploma of International Trade and English Language and Literature at bachelor’s degree in China Radio & Television University. He completed his master’s degree in Translation Studies in Okan University. Currently, he is a Ph.D. candidate of Communication Studies in İstanbul Bilgi University.  He is also a translator, his translation works:  “A Millennium of Turkish Literature” (Orient Yayıncılık, 2014), “Bulut Kuş” (Günışığı Kitaplığı, 2014), “Peçesi Düşen Osmanlı” (Yeditepe Yayınevi, 2014).

Research interests:  culture studies, media studies, media translation studies, critical discourse analysis, intercultural and political communication.


10371367_10152234492248611_1927301270246149278_nŞehlem Sebik is a photographer. She  graduated from Ege University Communication Faculty (B.A., MA). Her latest project was supported by the Danish Government Cultural Scholarship, she opened an exhibition in Women’s Museum in Denmark. Currently she pursues her Communication PhD degree at Istanbul Bilgi University on photography and gender.

Research interests: photography, women photographers, war, feminism, gender.


funda fotoFunda Lena is an Economics graduate (B.S., M.A.) from Boğaziçi University. A winner of Alper Orhon Econometrics Prize and Murat Sertel Graduate Achievement Award, Funda started studying for her Ph.D. degree at BİLGİ Communication Science program in 2012.

Research interests: cultural diversity, cultural industries, cultural management


1471918_10152360854550830_414642176_nHande Çayır (2016 BİLGİ Communication PhD graduate) graduated with a B.A. in Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design from Sabancı University, and went on to Istanbul Bilgi University, where she earned an M.A. in Cinema and Television. Her writing is published in PukkaLiving, Whichcontent, Kaos GL, Kural Dışı, Psikeart, Memlekent and Radikal İki.She is now a Ph.D. candidate at the Istanbul Bilgi University Communication/Cinema Department and is a lecturer at the Graphic Design Division of Yeni YuzYil University. For the last six years she has been working as Publications Manager at Whichcontent.

Research interests: autoethnography, documentary, human rights, identity, representation of female subjectivity, surname

Ph.D. thesis title: Documentary as Autoethnography: A Case Study Based on the Changing Surnames of Women

Abstract: In the autoethnographic research method, researchers analyze their own subjectivity and life experiences, and treat the self as “other” while calling attention to issues of power. At this juncture, the researcher and the researched, the dominant and the subordinate, individual experience and socio-cultural structures can be examined. As an emerging filmmaker I have made the seventeen-minute documentary Yok Anasının Soyadı / Mrs. His Name (2012) which is defined as a form of self-narrative that places the self within a social context. My filmmaking experience spread the seeds, gave birth to this thesis, created a researcher—me, in this case—and as such, theory in practice and practice in theory go hand in hand. The interdisciplinary nature of this enquiry highlights the link between surnames and identity, which is a crucial human rights debate, and also focuses on the feminist quote “the personal is political”.


Sevgül AkbuzSevgül Akbuz is an Instructor in Ozyegin University, Turkey, and a PhD candidate of Communication Studies in Istanbul Bilgi University. She received her BA in the Department of English Language Teaching from Hacettepe University, and then completed her MA in the Department of EU Politics and  International Relations. She has been teaching English since 2004. Currently, she is writing her PhD dissertation called Arts Education in Cultural Policies of Turkey and Germany: A Comparative Study under the guidance of Assoc. Prof. Serhan Ada

Research interests: cultural policy, arts education, cultural governance, comparative cultural pollicy research, education policy.


metinözerMetin Özer has an Astronautics Engineering graduate (BA) from Istanbul Technical University, besides passionate about media, devices and marketing. Worked at telecommunications industry more than 5 years and currently a freelance communication consultant and copywriter. Completed a Media and Communication Systems (MA) from Istanbul Bilgi University and now PhD Candidate in Communication in Istanbul Bilgi University.

Research interests: Media ecology, human-computer interactions, digital communication, interaction design.


kareSercan Şengün (2016 BİLGİ Communication PhD graduate) graduated from Visual Communication Design (B.A.), Film and Television (M.A.), and is currently a Ph.D. candidate of Communication Science in İstanbul Bilgi University. He is also a game designer, an acting member of Turkish Game Developers Association (Oyunder) and a lecturer in Bahçeşehir University Game Design Master’s Degree. His work could be followed from his website;

Research interests: video game studies, video game design, interactive narratives, gamification

Ph.D. thesis title: Narra Ludens: Explaining Video Game Narrative Engagement Through Player Types

Abstract: This study aims to understand the behaviours of video game players regarding different narrative components inside video games. A branch of academic game studies called player type resarch seeks to understand why and how different players engage with video games. Various previous player type research offered a category of gamers commonly known as “narrative” or “fantasy” player type, yet failed to address the behaviours of this type in detail. To explain narrative players, the methodology of textual analysis on user reviews was chosen. The study gathered 1690 user reviews from Steam platform about 18 video games that were determined as the most popular games with narrative components in the first quarter of 2016. The reviews were run through a semantic cluster and a valence analysis. Initially they were divided into clusters of narrative components, then the valence scores of each components were calculated. This provided the quantitative data of what components were leading the players’ perceptions of the games, and how the players approached to each cluster sentimentally. However to understand the player types, a proximity analysis was performed on valence/cluster data. This analysis outlined five narrative player types. Tracing back to manually analysing selected reviews of these types, the types were named and their behaviours were explained through the clusters that they demonstrated low, high, and median valence scores to.


Sedef GiovanelliSedef Erdogan Giovanelli is an Instructor in Ozyegin University, Turkey, and a PhD candidate of Communication Studies in Istanbul Bilgi University. She received her BA in English Language Teaching from Gazi University, and then completed her MA in Applied Linguistics at London Metropolitan University. She has been teaching since 2004, and has taught and lived in France, the UK and in Turkey as well. Currently, she is writing her theses called “Black Sea Cuisine as an Intangible Heritage in Turkey: Cultural Policy, Practice and Online Production of Culture’’ under the guidance of Assist. Prof. Deniz Unsal.

Research interests: cultural policy, intangible cultural heritage, new media and digital culture, and heritage studies


selimeSelime Büyükgöze is a Cultural Studies graduate (M.A.) from İstanbul Bilgi University and is currently a Ph.D. candidate of Communication Science in İstanbul Bilgi University. She is also lecturer at Plato College of Higher Education Radio & Television Programme.

Research interests: film studies, memory, affect, feminism


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