Melike Özmen’den makale ve kitap bölümü

s200_melike._zmen.jpgBİLGİ İletişim Tasarımı ve Yönetimi Bölümü Araştırma Görevlisi Melike Özmen‘in kaleme aldığı “Have You Seen This Bus? Information Design Problems in Public Spaces in Istanbul and an Intervention on Public Transportation in Dikilitaş Neighborhood” adlı makale Sociology and Anthropology dergisinde yayınlandı.

Özmen’in katıldığı Universal Design 2016 (UD 2016) konferansında sunduğu “Sıkışma: An Alternative Information Design Project for Ihlamur Pavilions Istanbul” adlı bildiri ise, “Universal Design 2016: Learning from the Past, Designing for the Future” adlı e-kitapta yayımlandı. Kitaba buradan ulaşılabilir.

Publications by Sercan Şengün

kareSercan Şengün, Ph.D. Candidate in BİLGİ Communication,  is the co-author of “Gaining Rewards vs Avoiding Loss: When Does Gamification Stops Being Fun?” chapter, published within the Handbook of Research on Trends in Gamification, edited by Donna Davis & Harsha Gangadharbatla. More information about the book can be obtained here.

Şengün also authored three other publications this year so far:

Sengün, S. (2015). Why do i fall for the elf, when i am no orc myself? The implications of virtual avatars in digital communication. Comunicação e Sociedade27, 181-193, retrieved from

Şengün, S. (2015). “Sanal Hikaye Anlatıcılığı Çağında Yaşayan Bilimkurgu ve Fantastik Dünyalar Olarak Video Oyunları” in Edebiyatın İzinde: Fantastik ve Bilimkurgu, edited by Seval Şahin, Banu Öztürk & Didem Ardalı Büyükarman, p.211-220, Bağlam Yayınevi, İstanbul, ISBN : 9786059911092.

Şengün, S. (2014). A Semiotic Reading of Digital Avatars and Their Role of Uncertainty Reduction in Digital Communication. Journal of Media Critiques [JMC]1(DCI), retrieved from

Case study co-authored by Burcu Gümüş

downloadBurcu Gümüş (student at BİLGİ Communication Ph.D. and coordinator at markaokulu) authored the case study titled “Sustatining competitive advantage – Turk Telekom” with Selcen Öztürkcan, Ph.D. for the book “Strategic Marketing: Creating Competitive Advantage”. The book is edited by Douglas West, John Ford and Essam Ibrahim and published by Oxford University Press.

Book chapter by Hande Çayır

_All_Equally_Rea_54bda3b3b49a5New book chapter titled “Mrs. Private Property” by Hande Çayır (Ph.D. Candidate in BİLGİ Communication) is published within “All Equally Real: Femininities and Masculinities Today”:

“This volume is a collection of research papers which deem gender identities to be dynamic and multiple categories, refusing resolutely to reduce their complexity to fit neat extant binaries. It attempts to grapple with the dialectic which emerges from the fact that while there is a certain resistance to being labeled in contemporary discourses on sexuality, gender identities actively influence how we interpret the world and how we function within it: we exist amongst patterns, models, and behaviours, as well as among people who virtually demand to be labeled, because to them, this forms the basis of a stable identity. Various cultural perspectives and realities are here given voice, bringing to bear upon the reader the need to identify privileges they might take for granted, but which are unobtainable elsewhere. As the curtain of one’s own cultural context is lifted, this volume hopes that these privileges are – even if for a moment – no longer invisible”