Book chapter co-authored by Yonca Aslanbay and Bilgi B.A. / Communication PhD students Subhi Can Sarıgöllü, Erdem Aksakal, Mine Galip Koca & Ece Akten

“Volunteered Surveillance”, co-authored by Subhi Can SarıgöllüErdem AksakalMine Galip KocaEce Akten (BİLGİ B.A. / Communication PhD students) and Yonca Aslanbay (Prof. Dr. at BİLGİ Faculty of Communication), is published within the book Psychological and Behavioral Examinations in Cyber Security, edited by John McAlaney (Bournemouth University, UK),  Lara A. Frumkin (Open University, UK) and Vladlena Benson (University of West London, UK). The book is published by IGI Global.


As the front end of the digitized commercial world, corporations, marketers, and advertisers are under the spotlight for taking advantage of some part of the big data provided by consumers via their digital presence and digital advertising. Now, collectors and users of that data have escalated the level of their asymmetric power with scope and depth of the instant and historical data on consumers. Since consumers have lost the ownership (control) over their own data, their reaction ranges from complete opposition to voluntary submission. This chapter investigates psychological and societal reasons for this variety in consumer behavior and proposes that a contractual solution could promote a beneficial end to all parties through transparency and mutual power.

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