Sedef Erdogan Giovanelli

Sedef Erdogan Giovanelli (2017 BİLGİ Communication PhD graduate) is a lecturer at Özyegin University teaching in the Undergrad English Programme.  She completed her BA in English Language Teaching (Gazi University), MA in International English Language Teaching and Applied Language Studies (London Metropolitan University) She has been teaching since 2004, and has taught and lived in France, the UK and in Turkey.

Research interests: intangible cultural heritage, culinary culture, new media & digital culture, cultural policies.

Ph.D. thesis title: Culinary Heritage in Turkey: Cultural Policy, Official Practice and Online Representation of Food Culture

Abstract: The primary aim of this research was to investigate the recent raised awareness of intangible cultural heritage management, specifically ‘culinary heritage’ in Turkey and focused on the contemporary need to manage the cultural heritage in national and international contexts by looking at the opportunities the digital media may offer. Briefly stated, the food culture as an Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) was analysed through four different perspectives. First of all, at the international level, the research attempted to crystalize various factors which influence the ICH management in international and policy framework by looking at international agreements, policy texts, and policy discourses of UNESCO and its’ relevant bodies. Then, at the national level, the research aimed to provide a detailed understanding of the ICH management in Turkey from historical and critical perspectives in general, and then traced back the development of food culture in Turkey and its relationship with public policies and governing strategies. Afterwards, by locating the culinary heritage and its representations in the digital domain, this research discussed the current debates that shaped the food content in the digital age. Finally, the last part of the research was dedicated to data analysis. This part of the research aimed to analyse the online representation of culinary heritage of Turkey with the use of official websites of the country. More specifically, in this part, the representations of food culture on the Internet by official bodies of Turkey were interpreted and analysed by using Computer- Mediated Discourse Analysis.

The major findings of this study indicated that the careful analysis of representation of food culture through official websites of the states could reveal a lot about a specific society or culture and the digital media is a powerful tool to disseminate culinary heritage of the country for a larger audience. Based on the analysis of four food related official websites of Turkey, the findings can be summarized as follow; Turkish state had different focus while representing culinary heritage of Turkey in digital domains due to the different communication objectives of each website had and different audiences each website targeted. This dissertation, which regards the culinary heritage issue from the perspective of intangible cultural management in digital settings concluded that the digital content that was prepared by Turkish state across four food related official websites differ in terms of the discourse, the representation of culinary heritage online, how these perceptions were constructed, promoted and challenged, the language used, the usage of digital platforms and multimedia data, and intended audiences and intended messages.

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