Book chapter co-authored by Sayan, Görgülü, Erhart and Aslanbay

“A Social Influence Perspective on Uses of Online Football Forums: The Case with Turkish Football Fans”, co-authored by Anıl Sayan (Research Asst. at BİLGİ Faculty of Communication), Vehbi Görgülü (Asst. Prof. at BİLGİ Faculty of Communication), Itır Erhart (Assoc. Prof. at BİLGİ Faculty of Communication) and Yonca Aslanbay (Prof. at BİLGİ Faculty of Communication) is published within the book Online Communities as Agents of Change and Social Movements, edited by Steve Gordon (Professor at Babson College, USA). The book is published by IGI Global.


This study aims to shed light on Turkish football forum users on the Internet from a social identity and uses and gratifications (U&G) perspective in order to reveal joint intentions among football fans online. The research model of the current study applies a uses and gratifications approach to examine whether fan motivations while using online football forums determine we-intentions among forum members. Social influence processes are also essential in the context of research on online forums, since they determine changes in attitudes and actions produced by the virtual social influence that may occur at different levels. Findings reveal uses and gratifications of football forum participation as maintaining interpersonal interconnectivity, generating entertainment and purposive value along with affective social identity construct determined we-intention among forum users.

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