Call for Papers: Early years of digital culture in Turkey (1997-2004)


Dr. Erkan Saka and Dr. Ivo Furman of Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Communication have announced a call for papers to celebrate the 20th year of digital culture in Turkey.

Despite being around for more than five decades, our understanding of the Internet history and digital cultures within non-western contexts is very much in its infancy. This is partly caused by the dominance of North American (and English-speaking) studies of early digital culture. Reading these accounts can be misleading in that one might be led to assume that the origins of digital culture was a primarily North American (and English-speaking) phenomenon.

Instead, we argue that rather than passively appropriating the Internet as a communication technology, local socio-cultural milieus of relatively peripheral countries such as Turkey have played an active role in shaping the potential of Internet and creating their own unique digital cultures. Accordingly, this call looks to answer the pertinent need to account for digital culture within peripheral or non-Western contexts and contribute to the diversification of research in Internet Studies.
We intend the collection to be interdisciplinary in scope, with contributions drawing upon a range of disciplinary perspectives including communication studies, information studies, history, sociology and linguistics. Possible topics can include
Media representations of the Internet
Internet/Digital Art
E-government projects
Piracy, Hacking, Modding/Phreaking
Internet Spaces
Case Studies
·  Early Internet celebrities
·  Blogs
·  Iconic sites
·  Internet memes
·  E-Zines
·  Moral Panics
·  Chatroom cultures
·  Gaming subcultures
·  Pioneers and Pioneering cultures
Business histories of the Web
·  Entrepreneurs
·  “Digital Bosphorus”
Software and Hardware cultures
·  Infrastructure of the Internet in Turkey
·  Web governance
·  Computer Mediated Communication
Possible types of contributions may include reports, case-studies, visual archives, interviews. Deadline for contribution abstracts (250 words or so with a title and a short bio) is March 1st, 2017.
Please send your contributions to

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