Book chapter co-authored by Kaan Varnalı and Vehbi Görgülü

“Determinants of Brand Recall in Social Networking Sites”, co-authored by Kaan Varnalı (Assoc. Prof. at BİLGİ Faculty of Communication, on the left) and Vehbi Görgülü (Asst. Prof. at BİLGİ Faculty of Communication) is published within the book Strategic Uses of Social Media for Improved Customer Retention, edited by  Wafaa Al-Rabayah (Independent Researcher, Jordan), Rawan Khasawneh (Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan), Rasha Abu-shamaa (Yarmouk University, Jordan) and Izzat Alsmadi (Boise State University, USA). The book is published by IGI Global.


This research aims to contribute to the understanding of how brand impressions in social networking sites influence brand recall. Further, the relationship between the built-in metrics offered by social networking sites and brand recall are also examined to assess the validity of these metrics as measures of advertising effectiveness. Results indicate a positive relationship between brand recall and self-brand congruence, tie-strength with, trust toward, and perceived popularity of the profile associated with the post, and clicking a link embedded in the post / ad in which the brand appears. On the other hand, there is not a significant difference between the levels of brand involvement, homophily with the profile associated with the post / ad, like-count, and four types of built-in user-interaction options including liking, sharing, posting a comment and tagging among the brands that were successfully retrieved from the memory and those were not.

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