Ege University 16th International Cultural Studies Symposium “NARRATIVES OF TRAUMA”


This conference is about the influence of trauma both on individuals and on cultures and about the necessity to share and translate such traumatic affect. By concentrating on rhetorical, semiotic and social aspects, the conference aims to focus on the phenomenon of trauma and its different manifestations and to consider the elements that may generate the aporias of trauma and offer new possibilities for survival, recovery and healing. Therefore, the goal of this conference is to challenge the recent boundaries and assumptions of the field, encouraging new approaches for trauma studies.

Since the nature of our symposium has traditionally been cross/interdisciplinary, research and studies from all disciplines in the social sciences along with relevant applied sciences are invited in the following topics:
– Individual and collective trauma
– Writing trauma
– The unrepresentable
– Silence and trauma
– Love and death
– Self and trauma
– Trauma and family
– Autobiographies, life writings, memoirs
– Post-memory, post-trauma
– Representations of trauma
– Ethics of trauma narratives
– Post 9/11
– Social and cultural dimensions of trauma
– Recovery and healing
– Post-human
– Disruption and reorientation of consciousness
– Gothic and trauma
– Trauma and psychology
– Exile, dislocation and trauma
– Trauma and discourse
– Loss, mourning, ritual
– Trauma and history/ war/ nation

Deadline for 250-word proposals (as abstracts): December 30, 2016

Please e-mail your proposal and a short BIO (100 words) to:

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