Book chapters co-authored by Yonca Aslanbay

Crowdfunding for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation.jpg“The Crowdfunding Market, Models, Platforms, and Projects” andThe Crowdfunding Communities and the Value of Identification for Sustainability of Co-Creation” co-authored by Yonca Aslanbay is published within Crowdfunding for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation, edited by Walter Vassallo.

The abstracts of book chapters are as follows:

Chapter 6 (M. Demiray, Ş.Burnaz, Y.Aslanbay)

The Crowdfunding Market, Models, Platforms, and Projects

The changing structure and intensity of competition on one hand, the ongoing pressure on creating differentiated offerings lead to seek out new ways to improve technology as well as new ways to perform business. Technological developments enable market participants or other interest parties to engage in the process of both innovation and production, resulting with an online social network market model of co-creation. This chapter focuses on describing different aspects of recently developing crowdfunding market models where new projects are offered and funded by large number of individuals from general public. The current extent and dynamics of the growing crowdfunding market, various models of crowdfunding, crowdfunding platforms and the projects that are crowdfunded are analyzed through the chapter by giving examples and comparative comments. The analysis of the market is concluded by the foreseen future trends.

Chapter 9 (M. Demiray, Y.Aslanbay)

The Crowdfunding Communities and the Value of Identification for Sustainability of Co-Creation

For a sustainable future, the actors of the market need a change in spirit that will elevate the life-chances of people by being an “empowered part” of the economic system. A participative, open knowledge economic and market system that will ensure the material well-being, the social visibility, the happiness and the consciousness of the individual is essential. Crowdfunding, as a recent online social community network market model is to be a new socio-technical system of co-creation through self “making and funding”. The aim of this study is to discuss the role of identification in co-creation for sustainability of newly rising crowdfunding communities. In line with this objective, the following two aspects are clarified: the key characteristics of crowdfunding platforms as online communities and the role of identification for co-creation in online crowdfunding communities.


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