CfP: NeoLiberalism and Media of Journal of Media Critiques

o-MEDIA-facebook.jpgInterrogating the role of knowledge, methods and practices of communication and media in the formation, reproduction, and reflection of neoliberal modes, this issue will look at the ways in which intervening in bodies of communication and media knowledge offer pathways for structural transformation. By the order of neoliberalism since the 1980s, many media and communication scholars have redirected their criticisms from capitalism to neoliberalism. Therefore; mapping the legacies and meanings of the terms liberalism and neoliberalism and revealing the complexity and specifity of what neoliberalism is today, indicate the necessity of prospecting.

Journal of Media Critiques is expecting critical papers from different perspectives, as indicated above neoliberalism context based on the media, communication and information theme. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

* *Hegemony of Pluralism in Media and Cultural Studies*

* *Determinism or Functionalism in Media and Technology*

* *Marginalization of Media and Communication Studies*

* *Neoliberalism and Media, Communication Studies*

* *Neoliberalism as a Replacement of Capitalism*

* *Media and Cultural Industries as Neoliberal Markets*

* *Commercialization of Culture in Media*

* *Democratic Populism in Media*

* *Globalized Media vs. Localized Culture*

* *Conservative Media and Conservative Governments*

* *The Transformation of Ideology*

* *NeoLiberalism and Internet of Things (IoT)*

* *Big Data Issue in a NeoLiberal Space*

Please register international online journal, Journal of Media Critiques for uploading your completed paper by *August 25, 2016*.

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