Article co-authored by Feyda Sayan Cengiz

c02775395“Overcome your anger if you are a man: Silencing women’s agency to voice violence against women”, co-authored by Feyda Sayan Cengiz, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor at ifbilgi) is published by the SSCI-indexed “Women’s Studies International Forum“:

“This study traces the relation between male violence and masculinist norms that attribute political agency exclusively to men. Through critical analysis of a recent campaign initiated as an effort to fight violence against women in Turkey by addressing men as the only agents endowed with agency to solve the problem, we explore the ways in which this discourse risks marginalizing women who seek empowerment through women’s solidarity. The analysis of newspaper columns supporting and promoting the campaign uncovers three patterns of the discursive ground on which the campaign stands: (1) the assumption of a “cultural particularity” in Turkey nested in the traditional family structure which should allegedly be left unquestioned; (2) glorification of values attributed to the masculine; (3) taking violence as an individual problem of “anger management.” We argue that this campaign is inimical to the aim it declares because by marginalizing feminist efforts to question the social and structural patterns of male violence, it deprives women of political agency essential in the struggle against this problem.”

 The following link provides free access to the article until June 23, 2016:


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