CFP by Media, Culture & Society: Digital Images, Global Conflicts

home_cover.gifThe role of images in conflicts (war, terror, riot, civic action, etc.) has changed dramatically over the past decade due to globalization and digitalization. The rapid and extensive dissemination of images from conflicts results in an intensified struggle for gaining public visibility and shaping public opinion, prompting competing narratives and counter narratives, suppression, spin, and persistent allegations of falsification and manipulation.

Contributions addressing such subjects are welcomed:

 The transformed public visibility of conflicts and (possible) challenges and changes to traditional power balances in a globalized world.

 The role played by images in (online) strategic communication, such as propaganda, campaigns, and recruitment by various groups and institutions involved in conflicts.

 New genres for representing global, regional, and local conflicts proliferating on social media, such as selfies, memes, and their reconfigurations of traditional genres.

 The role of visual icons in the age of mass production and global dissemination of images.

 Convergence and competition between professional and non-professional approaches to documenting conflicts.

 The transforming gatekeeping role of the mainstream mass media concerning conflict coverage.

 New theories for understanding the changed role of visual representation of conflicts in the digitalized mediascape.

 Analytical approaches to mobile media and networked dissemination of images of conflict.

 Empirical investigations of local reactions and emotions sparked by images in the global media circuit

Please submit proposals for articles of approximately 500 words to the editors of the special issue,, and no later than 1 May 2016.

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