New issue of Review of Communication Research

homepageImage_en_US.jpgThe  articles that Review of Communication Research (RCR) has recently published. You can download them free of charge and give your opinion on the discussion page, Facebook or Twitter.

Literature Reviews Recently Published

Adrienne H. Chung & Rajiv N. Rimal (The George Washington University, Washington DC, USA), Social norms: A review.

Johny Garner, Ragland, Leite, Young, Bergquist, Summers, . . . Ivy. (Texas Christian University, TX, USA), A long look back: An analysis of 50 years of organizational communication research (1964-2013).

Kevin Wright. (George Mason University, VA, USA), Communication in health-related online social support groups/communities: A review of research on predictors of participation, applications of social support theory, and health outcomes.

Anneke de Graaf, Jose Sanders & Hans Hoeken (Radboud University, NL & Utrecht University, NL), Characteristics of narrative interventions and health effects: A review of the content, form, and context of narratives in health-related narrative persuasion research

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