CFP for special issue of Information Research (JCR)

info_literacy_wordle_390.jpgThe management of personal information has become a central issue in contemporary societies. Ubiquitous information environments, involving mobile ecosystems, the Internet of things, and intensive data utilisation (big and small data Internet), constitute a source of challenges related to the collection and use of personal information in different but converging spheres: In the field of economics, personal information management is increasingly regarded as a key function with specific economic value and a driver for business model innovation and organizational transformation.

In the sphere of law and public policy, it is at the centre of the current debate about the limits of privacy and security, and about how to enhance transparency, accountability and consumer protection.

In the field of media and cultural industries, increasing personal information management capabilities are radically changing both how media relate to their audiences and how audiences use media. How strategic value is conferred on digital media content, as a source of access to personal data, in the context of digital and other industries, is another key issue.

Within the framework outlined above, investigators are invited to contribute original research papers as well as review papers to stimulate the continuing efforts to explore the implications of the management of personal information from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

*Definitions and conceptual implications.

*Management of personal information and personal, consumer, and social behaviour.

*Big Data and information management evolution

*Personal information economics

*The role of personal information management, business model innovation and organizational transformation

*Profiling and personalization systems

*Programmatic advertising and/or other personal information management- based transformations in the advertising systems

*Impact of personal information in media industries and practices: content curation, revenue models, audience metrics, media usage, etc.

*Regulatory challenges and debates.

*Privacy, security, transparency, accountability and consumer protection.

*Social and interactional implications of personal information management

*Mobile communications and personal information

For more information on the publication procedures, please visit the call page.

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