Call for Chapters: Online Communities as Agents of Change and Social Movements

fistThis new book aims to provide relevant theoretical and practical frameworks and the latest findings in research and practice regarding online communities and social media as agents of social and political change. It will consolidate in one volume current research on this topic from a variety of disciplines that have studied it through different lenses. This book will be an important resource for those who study social movements and for those who participate in or advocate for or against social or political change.

Recommended topics are as follows;

Development of online communities for fomenting social change
Social media as a source of power
Interplay between social and traditional media
Slacktivism in online communities
How online communities influence attitudes and perceptions
Mobilizing resources for social change
Using social media to create personal action frames
Interplay between social movement organizations and online communities
The role of online communities and social media in establishing counter movements
Recruiting advocates for social change
Fundraising in support of social change
The viral propagation of triggers for action
Rules of engagement in social media for social action
Motivating collective action
Leadership of social movements
Collective sense making
Case studies of online communities as agents of social change

For more information on publication procedures, please visit the IGI Global website.

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