Book chapter by Özlem Hesapçı and Yonca Aslanbay

360hThe networked self: Collectivism redefined in civic engagements through social media causes” authored by Özlem Hesapçı, Ph.D. (Boğaziçi University) and Yonca Aslanbay, Ph.D. (İstanbul Bilgi University) is published within Handbook of Research on Waste Management Techniques for Sustainability, published by IGI Global:

“The number of digital networks established for a common social ‘cause’ having passion of civic activism increase globally day by day. The purpose of this study is to provide explanations for civic engagement through social media causes. In the current study, a structured questionnaire is administered to 308 social media users in Turkey. The findings refine existing research bringing a new perspective to collectivism by explaining civic engagement in specific areas through social media causes in terms of individualistic values, self-identity (social vs. personal) and social media use. Overall findings ascertain social media’s role on raising social capital while enhancing not only the individual selves but also collective performances through diverse civic cause engagements. The study has significant outcomes for both non-profit and profit organizations in building strategies of communication with their stakeholders through digital means.”

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