A. Bengi Ozcivan became a finalist at EdCom Masters Thesis Competition

bengi fotoA. Bengi Ozcivan (Research Assistant at BİLGİ Department of Communication Design and Management) became a finalist at EdCom (European Institute for Commercial Communications Education) Masters Thesis Competition, with her thesis supervised by Assoc. Prof. Kaan Varnalı.

“This research explores the effects of promotion focus and perceived security risk levels of consumers, and dimensions of Uses and Gratifications Theory (UGT) on attitudinal and behavioral outcomes of online customized advertising such as attitude toward the ad, brand attitude, and behavioral ad responses. The data collected from 409 respondents through a scenario-based online survey is analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The results show that attitudinal and behavioral outcomes are directly affected by several UGT constructs, which are predicted by promotion focus level and security risk. In particular, consumers who have higher promotion focus level show higher perceived level of informativeness and entertainment towards online customized ads, whereas consumers who have higher perceived security risk have lower perceived level of informativeness and entertainment, and higher level of irritation. Furthermore, attitude toward the ad is found to be affected positively by informativeness and entertainment, and negatively by irritation. Brand attitude is positively related to entertainment and attitude toward the ad, whereas behavioral ad responses is positively related to informativeness, entertainment and attitude toward the ad. The findings suggest that individual level characteristics and UGT constructs should be considered by marketers who use online customized advertising. The study contributes to the theoretical foundation of online customized advertising by introducing promotion focus as an important individual level predictor of success in online customized advertising.”

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