Call for special issue by Sage Open: Locative media and identity

This special issue seeks to address a significant gap in the research surrounding locative media and identity, by calling for papers of 8000 words that explore this issue. Bringing together contributions from prominent theorists in the field, this special issue seeks to cast a light on the different ways locative media are presently used in the context of self-presentation, and what impact this might be having. At the same time this special issue will help further develop the “spatial self” as a theoretical framework to approach locative media and identity.

Possible issues that respondents might address include:

–> Developing identities through locative media

–> Locative self-presentation, spatial decisions and mobility

–> The physical practice of locative media and self-presentation

–> Established social media and place-based impression management

–> New LBSNs (see Shout, Swarm, Yik Yak) and emerging strategies for ocation-based presentations of self

–> Wearable technologies, connectivity and identity

Please submit abstracts of up to 500 words to both and by *1st November 2015. The editors will notify successful contributors by 1st December 2015. Full papers will then need to be submitted for peer-review by 1st March 2016. Details can be accessed at Sage Open.

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