Special issue call for papers: Journalism, citizenship and surveillance society

RDIJThe rise of social media and the revelations of the Snowden leaks have brought about unprecedented debate on the consequences of a surveillance society – a society organised around the collection, recording, storage, analysis and application of information on individuals and groups.

The emergence of a surveillance society raises important questions around new threats to press freedom and political dissent; the responsibilities of media organizations and state actors; the nature of journalists’ relationship to the state; journalists’ ability to protect their sources and data; and the ways in which media coverage shape public perceptions of surveillance.

This special issue of Digital Journalism will explore how the emergence of surveillance society, and debates over its implications, play out in the context of journalistic practices and discourses. It takes an interest not only in how surveillance debates play out in and through mediated discourses, but also how practices of surveillance shape the accounts, everyday work and ethics of journalists.

Prospective authors should email an abstract of no more than 500 words to Karin Wahl-Jorgensen (wahl-jorgensenk@cardiff.ac.uk). All submissions will be reviewed by the editors and successful authors will be invited to contribute a full 8,000 word paper that will be subjected to double blind peer-review.


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