Publications by Sercan Şengün

kareSercan Şengün, Ph.D. Candidate in BİLGİ Communication,  is the co-author of “Gaining Rewards vs Avoiding Loss: When Does Gamification Stops Being Fun?” chapter, published within the Handbook of Research on Trends in Gamification, edited by Donna Davis & Harsha Gangadharbatla. More information about the book can be obtained here.

Şengün also authored three other publications this year so far:

Sengün, S. (2015). Why do i fall for the elf, when i am no orc myself? The implications of virtual avatars in digital communication. Comunicação e Sociedade27, 181-193, retrieved from

Şengün, S. (2015). “Sanal Hikaye Anlatıcılığı Çağında Yaşayan Bilimkurgu ve Fantastik Dünyalar Olarak Video Oyunları” in Edebiyatın İzinde: Fantastik ve Bilimkurgu, edited by Seval Şahin, Banu Öztürk & Didem Ardalı Büyükarman, p.211-220, Bağlam Yayınevi, İstanbul, ISBN : 9786059911092.

Şengün, S. (2014). A Semiotic Reading of Digital Avatars and Their Role of Uncertainty Reduction in Digital Communication. Journal of Media Critiques [JMC]1(DCI), retrieved from

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