Article co-authored by Itır Erhart

Itır Erhart, Ph.D. (BİLGİ Media School) is the co-author of the article titled “Toward postheroic leadership: A case study of Gezi’s collaborating multiple leaders”, published in the SSCI indexed journal Leadership. The article can be accessed here:

“This article explores how the Gezi Park protests in Istanbul, Turkey, exemplify the changing character of contemporary social movements, where teamwork and collaboration are supported and the ability to empower, support, and engage others is emphasized. We argue that the role of leadership in social movements in general and in the Turkish Gezi context specifically goes beyond the creation of traditional leaders. This new form of leadership is driven by the possibilities opened up by other democratic and collaborative social movements and also social networking sites. We look at how a horizontal, postheroic leadership message was conveyed via the posters, t-shirts, and chants used by the protestors during the Gezi Park protests, with analysis supported by interviews conducted with protesters.”

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