Article by Seray Öney Doğanyiğit

IMG_0759“Mobile Health Applications User Trends in Turkey” authored by Seray Öney Doğanyiğit (BİLGİ Public Relations) and Elgiz Yılmaz, Ph.D. (Galatasaray University) is published by the Journalism & Mass Communication. The journal is published by David Publishing Company and indexed in many international databases such as Google Scholar; CiteFactor, USA; Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory, USA and J-Gate. The abstract of the article is as follows:

“Due to the rapid rise of mobile phones around the globe, many consumers, researchers, clinicians, and health services are starting to see their utility in health. As well as a health informatics role in improving the uptake and efficiency of current health services, mobile communication-assisted health care (m-health) also opens opportunities for services that are strikingly new and curative, in particular delivering personal health behaviour change programmes. Herein, we report the preliminary findings of a health-promotion survey titled “Mobile Apps User Trend Analysis of Turkish People”. The survey examines the information needs and media preferences of women and men who research health information and use mobile apps for their healthcare in everyday life. Also this study tries to recover the behaviour of people and what applications they are downloading with respect to health, wellness, and medical mobile applicaitons. In looking the data, it appears that adoption of mHealth is growing at a furious pace. In this context, improvements to health communication have the potential to make a significant role to a promising new medium for health education and communication”.

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