Special issue CFP from Society and Business Review: Cosmopolitanism or Globalisation

Broadminded contributions that critically explore the complexities of Globalisation (interconnected) verses Cosmopolitanism (interdependent) debate at multiple levels of citizenship, nation-state and region, respecting differing beliefs, balancing elite-poverty power influences and as economic or political agendas that are at play with societies morality are invited. Questions may address issues such as but not exclusively:

  • What are the complex policies and agendas influencing Globalisation and Cosmopolitanism?
  • How can the Cosmopolitanismmind-set rise at a time of globalisation?
  • How to promote confidence in meritocratic modes of self, organisation, regulation and stakeholder societal representation of peoples?
  • What are leadership gaps and drivers of Globalisation and Cosmopolitanism?
  • At which point does a Corporate entity become too large an influential?
  • How to rethink notions of migration/immigration as choices and constraints of movement?
  • How does the narrow control of a more interconnected institutions affect societies?
  • How to minimise the ever greater concentration of capital and improve the well-being of 99 percent?
  • Why is there heightened frustration expressed in larger urban cities around the world?
  • How to reconcile individuals as part of a globalising culture?
  • Is it a case of Cosmopolitanism and Globalisation – one or the other?

Cosmopolitanism calls for shared understanding of different moralities, economic and political relationships for mutual benefit – ‘a universality for differences’. Globalisation calls for compromise of values towards a dominant societal view. In a world where the few are deciding the interconnected ‘One World’ agenda, how can the many stakeholders reconcile a position of interdependence? claiming back a peaceful world for the citizen in the process?

The deadline for invited manuscripts is the 10th of September 2015.

Papers to be submitted via Scholar One

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