Invitation to BİLGİ Medya Talk Series: “National borders, media and ethics: Questioning what is beyond”


National borders, media and ethics: Questioning what is beyond

Talk By Yusuf Yüksekdağ*

Is the world without borders a dream? Why do we still have strict border controls in such a globalized world? What does morality tell us? In addition to all these questions, how does mainstream media reflect the issues as such?

In parallel with increased interconnectedness and reduced barriers for transfer of capital and goods, human mobility is still to a larger extent restricted and subject to securitization. This paradoxical development – a free flow of capital but not in human beings – warrant a scrutinized cosmopolitan immigration policy accommodating the complexity and transnational nature of migration, and how borders as institutions shape economic, social and cultural relations along with individual aspirations and agency. In this seminar, we will move beyond the predominating statist approaches, and instead discuss the prospects of a cosmopolitan migration governance. In addition to abstract debates on rights and borders, mainstream media as an ethical/non-ethical medium will be open to question.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015, 15:00, E4 116

* PhD Candidate and Instructor at Centre for Applied Ethics, Linköping University, Sweden

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