CFP | Journal of Knowledge Management: New ICTs for Knowledge Mangement in Organisations

Word Cloud "Big Data"Knowledge management (KM) has emerged as a key discipline to explain organizational learning and innovation (Quintane et al., 2011; Soto-Acosta et al., 2013). There is consensus in the literature about considering KM as a set of practices related to the use of knowledge as a crucial factor to add and generate value (Cardoso et al., 2012). KM practices are supported by ICTs (information and communication technologies) that help facilitate knowledge acquisition/creation, knowledge dissemination, and knowledge utilization (Jayasingam et al., 2012). Recently, with the advent of the Web 2.0, the term KM 2.0 has been coined to summarize new trends in knowledge management. KM 2.0 can be defined as the acquisition, creation and sharing of collective intelligence through social networks and communities of knowledge (Sigala and Chalkiti 2014).

Specific topics invited to provide submissions on:

  • Web 2.0 technologies for knowledge management
  • New ICTs for strategic knowledge management
  • Collaborative technologies 2.0 for knowledge management
  • Social networking and knowledge management
  • Knowledge management in the cloud
  • New ICTs for knowledge creation, capture and sharing
  • Knowledge management 2.0 for social change and innovation
  • Knowledge Management in the Enterprise 2.0
  • Adoption and diffusion of New ICTs for knowledge management
  • Web 3.0 technologies for knowledge management
  • Web 2.0 communities for knowledge management
  • Economic impact of new ICTs for knowledge management
  • Sociology of new ICTs for knowledge management
  • Cultural aspects of new ICTs for knowledge management
  • Data mining and KM

Submission deadline: 1 June 2015. Go here to register/or log on to submit your paper to ScholarOne

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