CFP: Integrated Marketing Communications: Evolution, Current Status, Future Developments

IMCThe special issue of European Journal of Marketing aims to generate the latest research from some of the major academic participants in the field of marketing and brand communication and measurement concerning integrated marketing communications (IMC). It is likely that their thoughts and views developed in and for this special issue will mold and shape the subject as we move further into the second half of the second decade of the 21st century.

The Guest Editor will welcome in this issue open-minded, provocative, multi-disciplinary and eclectic perspectives that would assist in unraveling and understanding IMC. All papers which enter review will be subject to a double blind peer review process and should offer innovative insights based on rigorous and thoughtful conceptualization, literature review, empirical evidence and/or case studies surrounding, but not necessarily limited to the following research areas:

  • Evolution of IMC, current status and relevance
  • Definitional issues of IMC – how these have changed over time
  • Connections between IMC, brands and branding in an interconnected and interactive marketplace/space.
  • Measurement – how and in what ways are IMC approaches accountable now and how may these become more accountable in the future?
  • Media proliferation and audience fragmentation and demassification seem to personify the nature of the 21st century. How does this challenge impact IMC and vice versa?
  • Emergent markets – just as IMC was developed in the West, how and in what ways is IMC operationalized in new or emergent markets. Is there any evidence of leapfrogging previous stages of development?
  • How and in what ways is IMC taught around the world? How should it be taught and what should students be expected to learn? How does technological advancement impact a) IMC; and b) how it is taught?
  • Evidence of IMC adoption and usage in companies
  • Interactions between IMC and ICC (integrated corporate communications)
  • IMC and social media

Submission to this issue is through Manuscript Central. Please review the author guidelines for the journal before submission at Instructions on how to submit are found there.

The deadline of papers to be submitted is 31st August 2015. Accepted papers will be published in 2016.

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