Invitation to BİLGİ İletişim RSG Talk #2: Slavka Karakusheva


BİLGİ KPY Visiting Researcher Slavka Karakusheva will be presenting her research in progress titled, “Digital Ethnicities? How Social Media (Re-)Create Collective Identities today”:

“The research is analyzing the role social media play in the processes of construction of collective identities today. Combining classical ethnographic fieldwork and in-depth interviews with online observation and digital ethnography methods, the presentation proposes a comparative study on the community of the Turks from Bulgaria, settled in two different national contexts (in Turkey and Bulgaria) and establishing transnational connections and networks. The modernist theoretical approaches in nationalism studies argue for the importance of media and communication in the nation–building and identity formation processes. As internet has significantly changed the media landscape, providing vast opportunities for participation, the research is trying to see how people are able to generate content, share symbols, narrations, and cultural memory “from below” and thus create alternative or additional to the national identity discourses. The presentation will try to discuss the opportunities that new media provide for creation and distribution of information suggesting that we shall rethink the notion of ethnic/national belonging and the construction of identities in today’s mobile and mediated world.”

The talk is organized by BİLGİ İletişim Research Support Group.

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