Article co-authored by Vehbi Gorgulu and Yonca Aslanbay

51-Untruths-From-TelevisionA new article co-authored by Vehbi Gorgulu (Department of Advertising), Yonca Aslanbay (Department of Advertising), Gul Bursa (MA student in BİLGİ Media and Communication Systems) and Ayse Gul Yucel  (MA student in BİLGİ Media and Communication Systems), titled “Television show format preferences and aggression of football fans” is published by the International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences:

“In this study, relations between television program format preferences of football fans and manifestation of aggressive behavior are examined. Data is collected with a sample of television football show viewers in Turkey. Results revealed fanship, aggression and format preferences during hours of football television program viewing are all interrelated. The significant preference of fan audiences for belligerent football shows among the other major types of football program formats available on Turkish television stations was found to be in correlation with aggression trait. Aggression was found to increase the hours of viewing. As a vicious circle, the hours of viewing the sports television programs further elevates fanship.”

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