CFP: Special issue of İleti-ş-im on cinema experiences

han-show-e1415859918925Turkish Journal of Communication (GSU Ileti-s-im) is inviting papers for its 23rd issue, which is scheduled to be published on December 2015.
Deadline for submission: 01.09.2015
Papers in English, Turkish and French languages are accepted for review.
This special issue based on cinema(tic) experiences  which include –but  not limited to– following possible topics an themes:
–        Re-transformed cinema experiences based on economic, political, social, cultural, and etc. transformations;
–        Demography of cinema audience: Cinema audience and the transformations of audience profiles;
–        Cinematic spaces and spatial experiences;
–        Transformations of cinematic spaces and watching experiences;
–        Transformations of watching experiences based on technological changes;
–        Urban transformations and transforming cinema experiences;
–        Modernity and cinema experiences.
–        Writing cinema history – History of audience-based cinema

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