New article by Gresi Sanje and Kaan Varnalı

online-educational-resourcesA new article by Gresi Sanje, PhD and Kaan Varnalı, PhD, titled “The Effects of Teaching Style and Internet Self-Efficacy on Instructors’ Attitudes toward Online Education in Higher Education” is published by the American International Journal of Contemporary Research:

“The aim of this study is to contribute to the body of knowledge regarding the attitudes toward online education, which can be helpful in projecting the acceptance of online education by instructors. The study draws on two theoretical accounts, teaching styles and Internet self-efficacy, to determine the predictors of instructors’ attitudes toward online education. The results of the study indicate that the delegator teaching style has a positive relationship, whereas the expert teaching style has a negative relationship, with attitudes toward online education. Internet self-efficacy and the delegator teaching style predict attitudes toward online education. Additionally, prior experience with online education correlates positively with attitudes toward online education”.

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