Call for papers: Excellence in Corporate and Marketing Communications: Present and Future Challenges

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 22.31.20With growing digitalization and technological advancement everywhere, individuals have opportunity to access information, which make them savvier, more sophisticated, and well informed, resulting in empowerment. They are no longer passive recipients of messages. Thus, managing communication has become more complex for both corporations, SBU’s and individual brands. This complexity necessitates a new understanding of excellence and communication. Excellence in corporate and marketing communications can vary from unique ideas to long-term consistent implementations, which develop brands and corporations toward measurable success through appropriate, inventive, and innovative communication strategies and tactics. Therefore, it is important to explore the ‘excellence in communication’ in companies today and tomorrow.

The pivotal theme of the 2015 CMC conference concerns discovering, analyzing and seeking to take advantage of current and future challenges in regard to the achievement of excellence in corporate and marketing communications. The Conference concerns excellence in communication. What does excellence in communication mean? How can excellence be achieved? How do firms develop excellence through sustainable and accountable communication strategies? How can brands and organizations consider excellence from the perspective of consumers in order to gain advocacy? What metrics can be used to measure excellence in communication? These questions, along with other topics, will be addressed at the conference. Download full brochure here.

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