Call for Papers | 2nd International Interdisciplinary Theatre Meeting : Time & Space

futuristicInternational Interdisciplinary Theatre Meeting organised by Istanbul University Theatre Criticism and Dramaturgy Department with the cooperation of Istanbul University Haldun Taner Theatre Research and Practice Center and Istanbul Theatre Festival will be held on November, 23-25, 2015.

The year 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of Haldun Taner’s birth. Thereby, a special part of the first day of the meetings will be dedicated to Haldun Taner’s career and works.

The central theme of International İnterdisciplinary Theatre Meeting is “Time & Space”.  Time and Space are both broad concepts within the field of several disciplines ranging from philosophy, literature and science to art as they form the founding mode of being. “Being” becomes visible only through time and space. In the absence of a being, time and space appear to lack a meaning. In other words, it is impossible to speak of an absolute time or space. Time and space lose their meanings without a dynamic material, energy or human being in their own structure.

Performance art can also exist through the mode of time and space. The ‘place’ where the performance is displayed turns into a ‘space’ ­ a communicative geography. The performance both simulates a definite time and space and takes places in a definite time and space. In this way, the real time and space of the performance and the simulated time and space coexist in a dialogical relationship.

You are invited to International Interdisciplinary Theatre Meeting to discuss and exchange ideas about time and space that are among the central concepts of human thought by means of dramatic literature, theatre and performance art.

The language of the conference is Turkish and English.

The deadline for sending the application form is May 31th, 2015

Suggested Topics
The use of time and space in theatrical texts
The use of time and space in performance
The use of time and space in playwriting
The relationship between playhouse / performance space and performance

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