Call for papers: Excellence in Corporate and Marketing Communications: Present and Future Challenges

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 22.31.20With growing digitalization and technological advancement everywhere, individuals have opportunity to access information, which make them savvier, more sophisticated, and well informed, resulting in empowerment. They are no longer passive recipients of messages. Thus, managing communication has become more complex for both corporations, SBU’s and individual brands. This complexity necessitates a new understanding of excellence and communication. Excellence in corporate and marketing communications can vary from unique ideas to long-term consistent implementations, which develop brands and corporations toward measurable success through appropriate, inventive, and innovative communication strategies and tactics. Therefore, it is important to explore the ‘excellence in communication’ in companies today and tomorrow.

The pivotal theme of the 2015 CMC conference concerns discovering, analyzing and seeking to take advantage of current and future challenges in regard to the achievement of excellence in corporate and marketing communications. The Conference concerns excellence in communication. What does excellence in communication mean? How can excellence be achieved? How do firms develop excellence through sustainable and accountable communication strategies? How can brands and organizations consider excellence from the perspective of consumers in order to gain advocacy? What metrics can be used to measure excellence in communication? These questions, along with other topics, will be addressed at the conference. Download full brochure here.

Call for Papers | 2nd International Interdisciplinary Theatre Meeting : Time & Space

futuristicInternational Interdisciplinary Theatre Meeting organised by Istanbul University Theatre Criticism and Dramaturgy Department with the cooperation of Istanbul University Haldun Taner Theatre Research and Practice Center and Istanbul Theatre Festival will be held on November, 23-25, 2015.

The year 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of Haldun Taner’s birth. Thereby, a special part of the first day of the meetings will be dedicated to Haldun Taner’s career and works.

The central theme of International İnterdisciplinary Theatre Meeting is “Time & Space”.  Time and Space are both broad concepts within the field of several disciplines ranging from philosophy, literature and science to art as they form the founding mode of being. “Being” becomes visible only through time and space. In the absence of a being, time and space appear to lack a meaning. In other words, it is impossible to speak of an absolute time or space. Time and space lose their meanings without a dynamic material, energy or human being in their own structure.

Performance art can also exist through the mode of time and space. The ‘place’ where the performance is displayed turns into a ‘space’ ­ a communicative geography. The performance both simulates a definite time and space and takes places in a definite time and space. In this way, the real time and space of the performance and the simulated time and space coexist in a dialogical relationship.

You are invited to International Interdisciplinary Theatre Meeting to discuss and exchange ideas about time and space that are among the central concepts of human thought by means of dramatic literature, theatre and performance art.

The language of the conference is Turkish and English.

The deadline for sending the application form is May 31th, 2015

Suggested Topics
The use of time and space in theatrical texts
The use of time and space in performance
The use of time and space in playwriting
The relationship between playhouse / performance space and performance

New article co-authored by Eser Telci on the mediating role of corporate reputation

11135_048_006New article authored by Esra Arıkan, Deniz Kantur, Ceyda Maden and Eser Telci (BİLGİ Advertising), titled “Investigating the mediating role of corporate reputation on the relationship between corporate social responsibility and multiple stakeholder outcomes” is published by the SSCI-indexed journal Quality & Quantity:

“In today’s highly volatile environment, companies strive to leverage the perceptions of their multiple stakeholders more than ever before with the aim to build a sustainable competitive advantage. Accordingly, corporate social responsibility and corporate reputation concepts are of vital importance for both academicians and practitioners, concerning their potential impact on internal and external stakeholders. Recognizing the intensified significance of a multi-stakeholder perspective, the current study attempts to contribute to the literature through examining the mediating role of corporate reputation on the relationship between corporate social responsibility and various outcomes of customers, employees, and investors as the key stakeholders. Based on a reputational ranking of companies conducted by a national magazine since 2001, nine companies were selected from service and manufacturing industries and an online questionnaire was conducted to a multi-stakeholder sample consisting of customers, employees and investors. The results showed that corporate reputation fully mediates the relationship between corporate social responsibility and organizational commitment, employee satisfaction, investor loyalty, purchase intention, and intention to seek employment. On the other hand, there existed partial mediation on the relationship between corporate social responsibility and customer perceived value, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, customer switching cost, customer commitment, turnover intention, intention to invest, and intention to spreadword-of-mouth. The results have important implications for practitioners who seek to manage their relationships with multiple stakeholders through their engagement in corporate social responsibility activities and efforts to enhance their companies’ reputational status”.

DAVETLİSİNİZ: BİLGİ Library – Yeni Uygulamalar, E-Kaynaklar ve Veri Tabanları

sami_cukadar15 Aralık Pazartesi günü BİLGİ Library Müdürü Sami Çukadar, sayın Dekanımızın katılımıyla kütüphanemizin yeni uygulamaları, artan e-kaynak sayısı ve veri tabanları hakkında bir sunum yapacaktır. Toplantı saat 14:00-14:30 arası E4 Kale Odası’nda gerçekleşecektir.

Bu önemli etkinlikte tüm hocalarımızın katılımını görmekten mutluluk duyarız.

Dr. Zafer Aracagök’ten “Göçebe Düşünmek” kitabına katkı: Deleuze: Ses, Müzik ve Şizo-Ensest Üzerine

8219BİLGİ Görsel İletişim Tasarımı Öğretim Görevlisi Dr. Zafer Aracagök‘ün “Deleuze: Ses, Müzik ve Şizo-Ensest Üzerine” adlı makalesi, Ahmet Murat Aytaç ve Mustafa Demirtaş tarafından yayına hazırlanan “Göçebe Düşünmek” adlı kitapta Metis tarafından yayımlandı:

“Son yıllarda Gilles Deleuze’ün gerek kendi başına gerekse Felix Guattari ile birlikte yazdığı önemli eserlerin çoğu Türkçede yayımlandı. Ancak Deleuze düşüncesi üzerine Türkçe yazılmış incelemeler için aynı şeyi söylemek mümkün değil. Göçebe Düşünmek bu eksikliği doldurma yolunda atılmış önemli bir adım. On beş akademisyen, aktivist ve düşünür Deleuze’ü ve geliştirdiği “göçebe düşünce” tarzını felsefe, siyaset ve sanat alanındaki çeşitli sorunlar üzerinden serimliyor, bu düşünme tarzının birer uygulamasını sunuyorlar. Tam da Deleuze’ün isteyeceği üzere, onun düşüncesini yorumlamakla kalmayıp “kullanan”, yeniden düşünerek geliştiren metinler (tanıtım metninden)”.