Co-edited book by Nazan Haydari Pakkan: Case Studies in Intercultural Dialogue

9781465212092New edited book by Assoc. Prof. Nazan Haydari Pakkan (BİLGİ TVRP) and Prudence Margaret Holmes, titled Case Studies in Intercultural Dialogue is published by Kendall Hunt Publishing, and available here. Case Studies in Intercultural Dialogue focuses on the important and under-investigated concept of intercultural dialogue:

“The book draws on cases of intercultural communication in which there is a dialogue, conflict or misunderstanding, and presents approaches, theories, and analytical tools that can be used to productively understand and/or resolve the issues presented in each case study. This edited collection covers a wide range of research topics drawn from peace building, arts and media, education, anthropology, new communication technologies organizational communication, and more….The format of Case Studies in Intercultural Dialogue encourages readers to engage in discussion from different perspectives through various methodological and theoretical approaches to problems, opportunities, and ethical issues of intercultural communication” (from press release).


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