GEOMEDIA 2015: “Spaces and Mobilities in Mediatized Worlds” An Interdisciplinary International Conference

fashion-2240_LEADGeoMedia 2015 provides a genuinely interdisciplinary arena for research carried out at the crossroads of Geography, Media and Film Studies. The aim of the conference is to map out the current terrain of communication geographical research, pinpointing its main areas of debate and assessing the prospects of communication geography as a more formalized academic field.  GeoMedia 2015 welcomes scholars of all disciplines who address questions pertaining to the space-mobility-media-communication nexus and want to take part in current epistemological discussions regarding communication geography and its future(s).

GeoMedia 2015 welcomes proposals in English of 200-250 words. Submissions are made via the conference website.

Suggested themes include, but are not limited to:

– Communication geographies

– Mobilities and locative media

– Power geometries of/in motion

– “Newsworthy” spaces

– Mobilities, flows and new media

– Material geographies of media

– Policy mobilities and power

– Media ecologies

– Lifestyle and tourism mobilities

– Pervasive media

– Cinematic geographies

– Mobility and governance

– New media and the productions of place/space

– Urban and rural media spaces

– Geographies of media and culture industries

– Art and event spaces


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