New article by Asu Aksoy and Burcu Yasemin Seyben on new cultural policy direction in Turkey

n_54764_4A new article by Asu Aksoy, Ph.D. (School of Arts and Cultural Management) and Burcu Yasemin Seyben, Ph.D. (School of Arts and Cultural Management) titled “Storm over the State Cultural Institutions: New Cultural Policy Direction in Turkey” is published by the International Journal of Cultural Policy:

“In this article, we discuss the new cultural policy of the present AK Party government towards the State Theatre in Turkey. AK Party government has made clear its intention to terminate the status of state performing arts institutions as state-funded operations. We show that the new policy involves a re-thinking of the role of the state in cultural provision, and, furthermore, a re-thinking in the light of AK Party’s conservative political principles. In looking at the example of theatre, we are concerned with the actual complexity of what the AK Party means and does with respect to this policy commitment which, in practice, does certainly not end to the state’s direct involvement in culture. By closing the State Theatre and State Opera and Ballet directorates, the government intends to demobilize, or de-centre, the westernizing and secular cultural orientation that has characterized Turkey’s official cultural identity until now. ” 

(Photo credit: Hürriyet Daily News)

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