Call for Articles: Media and Mobility section of Transfers: Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies

smart_carTransfers, now in its fourth year of publication, is emerging as a key peer-reviewed platform for new research into the practices, experiences and representations of disparate mobilities. In its mission to rethink mobility, the journal also provides a forum for innovative research at the intersection of mobility and media studies. The focus lies on contemporary and historic interactions and linkages between transport, traffic, communication, and media in its broadest sense.
To further elaborate on the ‘media and mobility’ link, submissions that investigate the diverse relations between technology, mobility, and media are invited. This includes submissions that analyze the role of infrastructures with respect to communication and transport, or the ‘mobilization’ of communication and media technologies and the ‘mediatization’ of transportation, and its long-term development.
For the ‘media and mobility’ section, you might contact:
Regine Buschauer,
Gabriele Schabacher,
Sunny Stalter,

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