Invitation: A Seminar by Dr. Jussi Parikka on Dead Media and Zombie Media

jussi badgeMedia Theorist Dr. Jussi Parikka will give a seminar on Media Archaeology and Artistic Methodology, during the course, VCD 519 Studies in Dead Media Culture, Dec 19th, E-1.101.A at 18:00. In this seminar he will discuss “dead media” from the perspective of media archaeology theory, addressing its applications and developments in contemporary technological arts, as well as some aspects in relation to visual design culture. Also the notion of “zombie media” will be introduced.

Dr Jussi Parikka is a media theorist who works at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton (UK). His work has elaborated the concept of media archaeology as well as the theoretical contexts of contemporary audiovisual and network culture. His books include Insect Media (2010), What is Media Archaeology (2012), and he has edited such collections as Media Archaeology (2011), Medianatures (2011) and a volume of Wolfgang Ernst-writings Digital Memory and the Archive (2013). For the Fall 2013 he is affiliated with Bahcesehir University in Istanbul. Parikka’s blog and website:

Please feel free to download the attached texts to get an insider view on topics that will be discussed in the seminar.
You can also check the following links for the books Dr. Parikka has published:

What is Media Archaeology, beta definition ver. 0.9

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