Call for Papers: Film Criticism in the Digital Age


This edited anthology seeks to understand the current state of film criticism and how it has developed. It aims to examine the challenges that the Internet offers to the evaluation, promotion, and explanation of artistic works as well as digital technology’s impact on traditional concerns about the disposability or permanence of cultural criticism. The collection will furthermore contain a historical dimension that
investigate how the status of the critic has changed in the last fifty years and to what extent critics can still intervene into current popular discourse about arts and culture.
Topics may include (but are not limited to):
–case studies which deliberate on the permanence or disposability of criticism in the digital age
–historical case studies on certain critics, critical schools, publications or other developments that preview or help us understand the current developments in film criticism
–case studies of non-Anglophone critics, critical schools, newspapers, magazines or other developments
–case studies which account for the persistent gendered and/or class-based economies that inflect contemporary film criticism
–comparative case studies with other media (theatre, visual art, music, or literature) or studies of critics who have appraised film through the lenses or in parallel to other media
–case studies which acknowledge the various forms by which film criticism has been transmitted (print, radio, television, online)
–comparative case studies that show how the status of the critic has—or has not—changed with the advent of digital technologies
Please send a short abstract (250-400 words) with a brief author biography to Dr. Mattias Frey ( and Dr. Cecilia Sayad ( by 1 December 2012.

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