CFP Special Issue: Film, Fashion and Consumption

This special issue of Film, Fashion and Consumption explores the relationship between fashion and television at the level of production, text and audience. While there is an important body of work on film and onscreen clothing, the study of television costume/fashion continues to be marginalised within the academy. Yet, as Sarah Street notes, ‘costumes are a key element of television dramas, soaps, sit-coms and even the news’ (Street, 2002: 103). This issue seeks to address this imbalance and invites articles on any aspect of television and fashion with the aim of developing a foundation upon which we may build a more precise understanding of fashion and television form.
Topics may include (but are not limited to) the following:
* TV, fashion and new media
* TV genre and fashion
* Audiences/Consumers of fashion and television
* TV Production, costume and fashion
* TV and costume/fashion as spectacle
* TV history and fashion
* National Identity, TV and Fashion
* TV, fashion and Identity – sex and sexuality, ‘race’ and ethnicity
and/or class
Deadline: 1ST December 2012
Notes for Contributors are available on the journal website
refer to these notes, in conjunction with the Intellect style guide (at
before sending your article. All articles will be peer reviewed.
Guest Editor:  Dr. Helen Warner, University of East Anglia,

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