Call for Papers: IJA Special Issue on Children and Advertising

The International Journal of Advertising invites authors to submit papers for publication consideration in a forthcoming special issue of IJA devoted to Children and Advertising. The primary goal of this special issue is to enhance current knowledge pertaining to the interface of advertising and children. Authors are strongly encouraged to submit interdisciplinary work that embraces theories and methods from diverse disciplines such as psychology, anthropology, sociology, marketing, mass communication, and media & broadcasting. Conceptual and/or empirical works are welcomed.

Topics suitable for consideration for the special issue include, but are not limited to:

  • children’s processing of advertising, attention to ads, persuasion attributable to ads
  • trends in regulation of advertising to children
  • cross-cultural assessments and comparisons regarding children and advertising
  • children’s understanding of advertising intent including new ad formats, e.g., advergames
  • parent-child interaction regarding advertising directed at children
  • effects of advertising on children’s behaviors and perceptions regarding products, spokespersons, etc.
  • depictions of family in advertising, reactions of children to these depictions
  • ability to distinguish between traditional/nontraditional advertising and programs
  • format and audio-visual techniques
  • children’s viewing patterns; effects of amount, placement and repetition of advertising
  • unintended consequences of advertising messages and portrayals
  • comparative analysis of regulatory and self-regulatory frameworks in different countries
  • scale development, research techniques, and measures pertinent to studying the interface of children and advertising
  • content analysis of ads targeting children
  • implications for advertising, advertisers, and business strategy
  • children and media literacy
  • the gamification of children’s communication
  • children and digital – opportunities and challenges
  • geo-marketing – how does this affect children?
  • advertising and marketing to children in emerging economies
  • can advertising help children’s wellbeing
  • how should advertisers respond to concern about the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood
  • children accessing inappropriate advertising (e.g. alcohol, gambling, weight loss)

Submission information

Manuscripts should be submitted through the International Journal of Advertising’s regular review process while including a note that the paper is being submitted to the special issue


The deadline for submission is 1 December 2012. Inquiries should be directed to the special issue editors:

Dr. Barbie Clarke, Managing Director, Family Kids and Youth, UK (
Les Carlson, PhD, University of Nebraska, USA (

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