Central European Journal of Communication Special Issue: The Extension of Public Service Media in the Multiplatform Scenario

. According to this scenario, this special issue of the Central European Journal of Communication wants to explore the current transformations and adaptations experienced by Public Service Media operators with regard to their remit, organization and performance.

In addition, the issue wants to identify the different conflicts arising from that evolution and in which way they are addressed by national authorities by means of policy or regulatory instruments, like the so called ex-ante evaluation procedures.

By means of tackling these facts, this special issue also aims to identify and systematize the current debate regarding the future role of public service in the field of media.

. Submitted articles are expected to provide answers to some of the following questions: Which are the main challenges, opportunities and risks that public service faces due to the configuration of a multiplatform scenario? How do public service operators adapt themselves to the multiplatform scenario? What does it imply from the point of view of management culture, internal structure, production practices and the configuration of an extended offer? What are the main arguments of those economic profit oriented players against the extension of public service activities? 
How do public service operators counteract the increasing hostility of commercial players against them? How can public service operators improve the value-for-money proposal that they offer to the citizens? 
- What policy and regulatory mechanisms are being implemented to address / determine / influence the evolution of public service? Is Public Service still necessary in order to face market failure situations and to ensure that the media system provides social profitability?

Paper submission
. Scholars interested in publication are asked to submit manuscripts of max. 45 000 characters by 15 September 2012. Eight papers for the publication will be selected by 30 September 2012. Full-length papers shall be submitted to journal@ptks.pl and r.suarez@hans-bredow-institut.de according to the Style and Manuscript Guidelines laid out on the official website of the CEJC: www.cejc.ptks.pl


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