Call for Essays “Cinéma & Cie. International Film Studies Journal”

This special issue of Cinéma & Cie will deal with the audiovisual serial production within the European Union.


Essays on the following topics are welcome:

– State of the Art – How is the situation of the scientific literature on this topic in EU countries? Are research and studies on the production of European TV dramas and series only popular within the context of national studies? How much of the scientific production on TV series is monopolized/dedicated to studies on US productions?

– Circulation of European TV dramas within the EU as well as outside of the EU

– Domestic and American characteristics of EU TV dramas (formats, genres…)

– Does a European identity exist within the narrative construction of EU serials? Can European series contribute to the creation of a European identity, and how? Are there exemplary case studies with reference to this topic?

– European production modes: different productions for different channels (free, pay, broadcasting, narrowcasting). How relevant is the production of TV dramas in each national entertainment market?

– Serial formats for the WWW: do web series aim to go beyond the national borders to reach a wider audience, and how is that achieved?

– Consumption modes: do transnational modes of consumption exist? How much are they affected by the TV scheduling and programming pattern of each country? Does file sharing contribute or prevent this kind of circulation?

– Do cult series exist within the European context? Are these national or transnational phenomena?

– Does European quality TV exist? If so, does it coincide with TV drama productions or with other formats? Do common

indicators for quality definition and evaluation exist?

– How do co-productions with the US or among different EU member states work? What are features of runaway productions (America in the EU)? How co-productions affect training of professionals and can contribute to the creation of a domestic production/market? What are the institutions involved in the training of professionals?


Submission details

Please send your abstract (300-500 words in English, French or Italian) and a short bio to by May 31. All notifications of acceptance will be emailed no later than June 15.

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