Communication, Media and Civic Culture

Communication, Media and Civic Culture Conference will explore the manner in which mass-media contributes to the development of responsive and process; people reduced their implication in the political life; mass culture, especially in its television form is an entertainment culture: it involves demagogy, the primary impulses and it resigns from educating the critical spirit. informed citizens and of civism and to the factors that nurture, or, on the contrary, destroy the ability of mass-media to perform.

The press takes part in the process of informing the citizens, even when it transforms the political life into a sensational topic – this is the trend of the most recent approaches of the phenomenon in the specialized modern bibliography.

Media offers the support for the circulation of meanings by reflecting or imposing on the agenda not only topics concerning the public debate or daily facts, but also a way of relating to the daily events. Beyond the informative pulse offered by the media and beyond the social agenda where media interferes, the press offers the public a hierarchy of ways to relate to the reality and implicitly, of defying reality. The Internet, with the increased interactivity and increased ease to circulate ideas, opens new opportunities and new issues for journalists, citizens and politicians. As all other technologies, the Internet may be used and misused; as it houses both media accountability tools and hate speech.

Presentations based on empirical research and on sound theoretical approaches are invited on topics such as:

Citizens’ agenda, media’s agenda and politicians’ agenda
Media commercialization and the public space
Political pressures and media’s democratic roles
Public relations and citizenship
Media accountability and online civic engagement, etc.
A special workshop on Media anthropology – new perspectives on media and citizenship will be held as a part of this conference

Conference’s languages are English and French.

Please send an extended abstract, of 700 to 1000 words, to the following addresses: & by the 25th of January, 2012. Please check for conference’s details.

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