ECREA 2012 – 4th European Communication Conference

The European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) and the Turkish Communication Research Association (ILAD), together with Istanbul Bilgi University, welcome the submission of abstracts for presentation at the 4th European Communication Conference to be held in Istanbul, Turkey from 24 to 27 October 2012.

The general theme of the conference is ‘Social Media-Global Voices’. The organisers call for proposals in all fields of communication and media studies, but particularly invite conceptual, empirical, and methodological proposals on social media and global communication phenomena and/or on comparative research.

Abstracts should be written in English and contain a clear outline of the argument, the theoretical framework, and, where applicable, methodology and results. The preferred length of the individual abstracts is between 400 and 500 words (the maximum is 500 words). Panel proposals –which should consist of five individual contributions–, combine a panel abstract with five individual abstracts, each of which are between 400 and 500 words.

Participants may submit more than one proposal, but only one paper or poster by the same first author might be accepted. First authors can still be second (or third, etc.) author of other papers or posters, and can still act as chair or respondent of a panel.

All proposals should be submitted through the conference website from 1 December 2011 to 28 February 2012. Early submission is strongly encouraged. Please note that this submission deadline will not be extended.

1 December 2011: Online submission system open
28 February 2012: Deadline for online submission
30 April 2012: Notification of the acceptance
15 August 2012: End of early bird registration fee
1 October 2012: Deadline for online registration

ECREA Thematic Sections descriptions

Audience and Reception Studies

Communication and Democracy
Communication History
Communication Law and Policy
Diaspora, Migration and the Media
Television/Film/Radio Studies
Gender and Communication
International and Intercultural Communication
Interpersonal Communication and Social Interaction
Journalism Studies
Organisational and Strategic Communication
Philosophy of Communication
Political Communication

European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA)

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