A special issue of Human-Computer Interaction

HCI researchers are increasingly interested in understanding the role of technology in relation to global processes. ICT4D (Information and Communication Technologies for Development), emerging markets, new forms of mobility, and the internationalization of organizations dominate contemporary conversations about information and communication technology. Whether in academia or industry, all agree that technology design and research today must consider the role these globalizing processes play in the way people collaborate, interact and exchange ideas across national and cultural boundaries.

We encourage papers that represent a variety of disciplinary perspectives and analytical approaches. True to the “transnational” perspective, submissions do not have to be limited to “developing world” sites. Examples of topics that fall into the scope of this special issue include but are not limited to:

• The network society: global flows, frictions and politics in local-global technology use
• Cross-cultural collaboration and culture as encounter
• Communication and collaboration across boundaries (not just the nation-state)
• Diaspora communities, the politics of international migration, and technology
• Use of information and communication technologies in censorship state zones
• The role of information and communication technologies in reconfiguring “the local”
• Political, local and translocal in new technological sites
• Technology design and use in constructing, reproducing, or enforcing notions of global connectedness or local community
• The role of technology in preserving versus undermining cultural identity
• Mobility and circulation in constructing or moving between the local and the global
• Methods for analysis and design in complex, hybrid, or virtual transnational spaces
• The relationship between the researcher, designer and user in transnational collaborative projects

Submission of proposals
Proposals should be at least 1000 words and provide a clear indication of what the paper will be about. Proposals should be submitted by email to the special issue editors (transnationaltimes@gmail.com). Mention explicitly in the email that your submission is intended for this special issue. The proposals will be evaluated for relevance to the special issue themes and guidance will be given. The full paper submissions will be peer reviewed to the usual standards of HCI.

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