Understanding the Importance of Work | A new article by Basak Ucanok

The new article of Başak Uçanok, an Assistant Professor of Public Relations at Istanbul Bilgi University, was published by European Journal of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management, with the title, “Understanding the Importance of Work: The Effects of Work Values and Work-Value Congruence”. The main purpose of this study is to understand the importance that is attached to work by analysing the link between work-related values and attitudes. In this respect, it is hypothesised that work values significantly predict work centrality and that this relationship is moderated by work-value congruence. Work-value congruence is conceptualised on the premise that different work values have varying degrees of influence on work centrality. It is proposed that as the distance between the act of working and the value it relates to (work-value congruence) differ, the relation between values and work centrality will change accordingly. In the study, work values have proved to act as an important predictor of work centrality. It is suggested that, work-value congruence be treated as an independent variable in future work-related research. The results are discussed along with gender differences for work values.

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