Ladies of Besiktas | A new article by Itır Erhart

The latest article of Itır Erhart, an Assistant Professor of Media and Communication Studies at Istanbul Bilgi University, was published by International Review for the Sociology of Sport, with the title “Ladies of Besiktas: A Dismantling Hegemony at Inonu Stadium”. While Ladies of Beşiktaş, the fan group of one of the largest football clubs in Turkey, stands at the focus of the research, Erhart unveils the political changes in the first half of the 20th century in Turkey, and elaborates on their effects on the disruption of gender norms in the contexts of hegemonic masculinity and instances of violence against women inside the Besiktas’s Inonu Stadium. The article also presents a refreshing perspective on the interpretation of masculine and feminine identities in a particular cultural environment with the selection of a non-stereotypical football fan club as its sample, revealing the fact the appreciation of masculine traits of female football fans is still valid today.

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